September 10, 2010

shoes, shoes, shoes

Last month I posted about my fake Miu Miu's. At the time, I had just purchased the black pair. Now, a few weeks later, I have 3 more pairs of new shoes! A bit excessive? I know. I know, I have such terrible self control. Especially when it comes to shoes. There's something about shoes that I can't resist. On their own, they're so sculptural and when worn they can really make an outfit.

This is the other pair I bought from Forever21. I wasn't sure I would like them once I saw them in real life, but they actually look well made. Definitely worth the $25 I paid for them :) And surprisingly, they are easier to walk in than the black ones. From what I can tell, they're exactly the same except for the print. Weird, huh?


The Miu Miu's that I really wanted were the cat print ones...and I found them on ebay!!! The less expensive, non-Miu Miu ones. But they look pretty close to the real thing:

I've become a big fan of the block heel and platform. They give me a lot of (much needed) height and are fairly comfortable. So I couldn't say no to these sandals from Top Shop:

top shop

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