August 26, 2010

my new miu miu' 21 heels?!

Do you remember these Miu Miu platform mary-janes? I wanted a pair so badly (especially the pair with the cat print!!), but they sold out really quickly! Honestly, though, who am I kidding? Even if there was a pair left in my size, I can't justify spending over $600 on a pair of shoes right now (actually I'm not sure when I will be able to justify that...).



But now I have a pair and they only cost me $25.80! Okay, so they're not really Miu Miu's. They're actually from Forever 21 but the shape of the shoe is really close - if not identical- to the Miu Miu's! Here I am modeling them:


Remember, they are from Forever 21, so they're made of polyester and PVC. But for $25.80, I think I can deal. I wore them around the house last night to try to get used to the height (they have a 5 1/2" heel)...let's just say I won't be ready to wear them out this weekend. I'm pretty good in heels, but it's going to take some practice before I no longer feel like I'm going to topple over!


I also got this pair which were the same price...although I'm still not sure how I feel about them. I think the pattern is cute, but they could look really cheap in person. I should be getting them in the mail next week so I'll find out soon!

If you are one of the lucky ones that can actually afford the real thing (and are a size 9.5), there is one pair of blue satin Miu Miu mary-janes left on! They also have a pair of silver glittery mary janes and a pair of black satin ones. However, they don't have the platform, which to me makes the shoe. That and the amazing block heel.


Karen said...

I love your F21 knock-offs! They're really good ones, at least from a photo. Good luck - there's NO WAY I'm borrowing those. Lesson learned.

Pithsala said...

Hi! Have you put these for sale on ebay?
Coz I saw this picture being used for an ebay auction.
Just being curious.
Nice blog. :)