September 28, 2010

nicole miller at XIX

Last night, Nicole Miller hosted an event as part of the Philadelphia Collection to celebrate the "top 19 most fashionable Philadelphia ladies". It was held at XIX and for those who have never been there - it's worth it just to see the space. It really is beautiful. I've never gone to eat off their regular menu, but they have an afternoon tea that is beautifully presented and very tasty.


Isnt' the ceiling pretty? I feel like my photos aren't doing it justice. Pearls hanging from the ceiling may seem cheesey, but it really works here.

There was a bartender serving "Parisian cosmopolitans":


The "top 19 fashionable ladies" all received a gift from Tiffany's. I wish I could've seen what were in those boxes! Somehow I was not selected as one of those 19.



Here are some of the "fashionable ladies", all wearing Nicole Miller of course:


My favorite outfit of the "19 ladies" was worn by Nadine Coburn. Everything is by Nicole Miller except for the bag which is Rebecca Minkoff. I think she looks great! She's dressy, but looks comfortable and not overdone. I like how the top of the dress slips off one shoulder and the booties look great with the outfit. I only spoke to her for about 5 seconds, but she seemed really sweet. She told me that she was recognized by Nicole Miller and chosen as one of the "top 19 ladies" because she recently married one of the Philadelphia Flyers (Braydon Coburn #5) and she wore Nicole Miller in the wedding as well as her bridesmaids. I found some photos of her wedding online and it was gorgeous. I don't know where it was held, but the scenery is so pretty it looks fake. You can view some photos here - let me know if you can figure out the location.


I thought this girl was cute. She stood out among all the other women there and I thought her outfit was adorable. And funny thing is, she's a fellow blogger. She lives just outside of the city and has a blog dedicated to fashion - you can check her out here.

dress: asos, socks: jcrew, shoes: forever21

And to top it all off, we got a gift bag before we left!



Sarah said...

Thanks for this super sweet mention!! It was great meeting you last night, and I'm loving your blog! :)

Karen said...

Those gift bags and Tiffany's boxes all look so cute! The perfect excuse to go to tea at XIX again soon.

I looked at the wedding, and it looks like it was up in the Canadian Rockies. That's where the company was based. It was so pretty!