September 15, 2010

an evening under the stars...

I've been wanting to have an 80's prom party for a long time (who doesn't love 80's music?) and decided my 30th birthday was the perfect occasion for one! We turned Eric's first floor into a gymnasium - hung mini basketball hoops at each end, put painter's tape on the floor for the basketball lines, hung vintage photos of high school sport teams. The prom theme was "An Evening Under the Stars", so we hung stars and crepe paper on the ceiling. An area by the front door was created for the keepsake prom photo - with a blue metallic backdrop and balloon arch. Don't the decorations look AMAZING?! I have to give Eric most of the credit. He came up with most of the ideas and implemented them as well. Eric, you're awesome.


Do you like my dress? That was probably the most stressful part of this party! I wanted something that was actually worn in the 80's so I searched and searched on Ebay and you won't believe how expensive dresses were! This was the second dress I bid on - the first one ended up going for $100 which was not in my budget. Luckily I won this one a week before the party but it didn't arrive until two days before prom!

There was lots of dancing (to 80's music of course, although we broke out some Gaga at the end)...

and LOTS of cake! My friend Tina created this masterpiece - fits in so well with the theme! And it was delicious!!

And guess who was crowned Prom Queen? Me!



Stephanie said...

hilarious! I've heard of 80s parties, but not prom themed. Looks like fun!

Cindy said...

OMG!! So fun! Totally going to have to do this.

Sarah said...

I LOVE this! There's nothing better than a theme party, and what a gorgeous set up.

Thecitycradle said...

Love this party! I am planning and 80's dance party for my kids 2 year old birthday. They have no idea... but we will have fun:) Thanks for lovely the inspiration.