September 20, 2010

baby goes tweet tweet

Remember the baby shower I was trying to get ideas for a while ago? Well, it was held the other weekend and it had sort of a bird theme. It wasn't overwhelmingly bird themed - mostly it just had a casual, natural feel to it and the invitations had some birds on them and there were some birds nests centerpieces. Everything turned out really cute and was very much Nissa's (the mommy-to-be) style. Unfortunately, I can't take much credit for it - I didn't do much except help with some last minute setup and made the birds nests.

It ended up being the perfect day for a meal outdoors. A long table was set up in the backyard - I love the mismatched chairs. It really adds a lot of character.

Mason jars were used for drinking glasses...

IMG_1905 well as vases. The flowers were beautiful - my favorite were the lime green chrysanthemums:


I was also really happy with how the nests turned out. And they were pretty simple to make too. I wasn't able to find large premade nests at the craft store (they only sold mini ones) so I bought a coil of woody nest like material and was able to form it into nests. I added some moss, birds and eggs and I was done! Don't they look supercute on the cake plates?




Karen said...

You did a great job with those nests! They looked amazing, definitely the highlight of the decor! I loved the birds - where did you find them online?

Sary said...

thanks! i got them at this random store online:

but i was surprised because when i went to the craft store to look for the nests, they had birds there that were pretty cute.

Sarah said...

What a great set up for a baby shower!!! So cute!!