September 9, 2010

i heart sofia coppola

I think if I could trade places with someone for a day (or a week, month, year...), it would be her. Doesn't she seem so cool? Not only does she come from a really interesting family (her father is Francis Ford Coppola) and has cool friends (like Marc Jacobs) but she's extremely talented and she lives in Paris. Sigh.

I first heard of her was when she directed Virgin Suicides. It was the first movie I saw where I really noticed the style in which it was filmed - the aesthetic of it - not just the content/story. Her movies have this dreamy quality to them that I love.

Another awesome movie - Lost in Translation:

lost in translation
Ah, Marie Antoinette. One of my favorite movies. Ever. It's so visually stunning and decadent. The sets, the clothes, the shoes, the PASTRIES!! If you're looking for a true historical biography of Marie Antoinette, this movie is not for you. However, if you want to watch a beautiful movie and be entertained for a couple of hours, go rent this now!




The Miss Dior Cherie commercial was also directed by Sofia. Its like a modern day version of Marie Antoinette:


And to top it all off, she has a sparkling wine named after her! And its really really good! And the packaging perfectly suits her aesthetic - very girly, very pretty, and unique.



It also comes in a can with a straw!!



eric said...

Remember when some said that commercial reminded them of you? It was the most flaterring comment you ever recieved.

Sary said...

what a compliment! it made my day. thanks for reminding me - it made my day all over again!

Cindy said...

Love her!!

Marcie said...

I love her too. The Virgin Suicides was a fantastic film.

Great blog!