September 24, 2010

colonial wallcoverings


Meet Paul. Don't worry, he isn't as scary as he looks (and typically doesn't wear a mask!). He's the owner of Colonial Wallcoverings - a great wallpaper shop located in Bella Vista. If you weren't looking for it, you'd miss it. It's on the first floor of a non-descript building with a few rolls of wallpaper in the small storefront. They don't have a website nor do they really advertise. But the store has been around 37 years - and is still going strong - which is a testament to Paul, how he treats his customers and the variety and quality of the products he sells. This is the place to go if you're looking for wallpaper - I can't think of a better wallpaper store in Philly (except for the showrooms in the Marketplace Design Center, but not everyone has access to that). Whether you're looking for wallpaper or a vinyl wallcovering or something traditional or something funky and modern - you'll find something you'll love here.

If none of the wallpapers displayed all over the store catch your eye, there are a million wallpaper books you can look through:





Colonial Wallcoverings has been at the same location since the beginning - Paul owns the building and lives upstairs (nice commute!). He's seen Bella Vista transform a lot over the years - from an area that required him to keep gates on his shop windows to help with theft and vandalism to what it is today - a beautiful area full of well maintained homes, young professionals, cute cafes and restaurants (and one that was completely out of my price range when I was searching for a house to buy). If you're ever in the area - stop in. Even if you don't need wallpaper - it's fun to look around!

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