September 8, 2010

secrets from a stylist

Remember when I posted about Design Star? Well Emily, the contestant who created the awesome pendant, ended up winning and now has her own show called "Secrets From a Stylist". I watched the first episode yesterday and I wasn't disappointed. There are a lot of crappy shows on HGTV, but Secrets From a Stylist is one of the good ones. Not only does she really have a great sense of design, but she's fun to watch.

Here is a before photo of the house featured on the first episode:

And the after:

Isn't it beautiful? Her work has a very organic, loose quality to it that is really refreshing. It has style but doesn't look overly designed. Love it!

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Karen said...

You beat me to it! I was going to post about this show tomorrow. I really liked the episode, she has a fun personality.