September 29, 2010

my must-have pieces

Some people have lists of must-have pieces of clothing or shoes - I have one for furniture. But this list isn't a general list for everyone - it's really just a list of classic pieces that I love and hope to someday have in my home (a girl can dream right?).

#1: Egg chair: It was designed in 1958 by Arne Jacobsen and has become an iconic piece of midcentury modern furniture. Even though it was designed almost 50 years ago, doesn't it look futuristic? I absolutely love the shape - it makes such a statement - and the fact that it comes in so many different color options. Green would probably be my top choice, but the light blue is pretty and brown leather is always a classic choice. It retails for around $6,000, so not quite in my price range right now.


#2 & #3: Cherner chair and Saarrinen dining table: There aren't many dining combinations I like more than a round Saaririnen table with Cherner chairs. I love the contrasts - the wood with the stone, the dark with the light. Alone, they are amazing, but together...sigh. Both are from the 50's - that time really did produce some of the best furniture.


#4: Louis Ghost chair: This piece was designed more recently (in 2002) by Philippe Starck for Kartell. I love that it's both traditional and modern - using a historical shape but contrasting it with a contemporary finish like resin. The amazing thing is that it's actually affordable (at least in comparison to the other pieces on this list) and I already have one:) It was my graduation present from Eric when I finished design school. Best present ever.


Do you have your own list of must-have furniture pieces?


Karen said...

Like your choices! My only must have is a future bookcase that has a secret passageway to my best friend's house next door.

Sary said...

That is #5 on my list!