September 21, 2010

bistrot la minette

Did you know that bistrot is another spelling for bistro? I didn't. I used to have a Forever21 tshirt that had sketches of Paris on it and various French words - and bistrot was one of them. I just thought it was Forever21 being cheap and not having someone who spellchecks their clothing...but apparently I was wrong. Makes me feel a little better about Forever21's quality control. A little bit.

Last week Eric took me to Bistrot La Minette - spelled with a "t" - for my birthday. I think its my favorite French restaurant in the city. Its hard to find good escargot in Philly, but its soooo good here. I've ordered it every other time I've been there but Eric convinced me to try something different this time. And I'm glad he did! We tried the Flammenkuche appetizer which is a pizza topped with carmelized onions, lardons and creme fraiche. YUMMMM. It was amazing. AMAZING. Now that should definitely be on the list. Actually everything I've had there should be on the list. We also had the Oeuf du Pecheur. It's a poached egg and mussels with a tarragon cream sauce. Sounds like a strange combination right? It's not. It's genius. And it only gets better - I had the duck confit for my main meal. It's hard to go wrong with duck confit - or anything fried in duck fat for that matter - and Bistrot la Minette definitely got it right. C'etait parfait! Wish I had photos of everything, but I left my camera at home that night. I was able to find a photo of their beautiful courtyard online:

Isn't it so pretty? Very romantic, perfect for a birthday dinner date:) Wouldn't it also make a great location for a dinner party? I love the long bench along the one side. On Mondays and Thursdays, they play French movies on a screen outdoors which is fun. The movies run through the end of October, so go if you haven't already.

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