August 13, 2010

design star

I watched the latest episode of Design Star (on HGTV) the other night and saw something that I really liked...which isn't often because honestly, who can really redesign a whole space, be their own contractor, work within a very limited budget, and do all that in just a few hours? Not very many people - I definitely couldn't. In this episode they had to take a room and redesign it into a dining room while using the original furniture/accessories and refinishing/refurbishing them to fit into the new space (they were allowed to edit and get rid of some pieces). Below is the winning room and although I don't love the entire room, I think the pendant above the dining table is genius!


It was created by Emily - who works as a 'prop stylist' and is one of three contestants left. The original room was full of ugly fake flowers, which she then spray painted white and glued onto a white lamp shade. Its so simple, but really elegant. Who knew fake flowers could look so good? My only question is how is 'huevos rancheros' reflected in that fixture (each contestant had a dish that was to be used as inspiration for their design)??



Stephanie said...

I found your blog through Desire to Inspire. You have a lovely blog!

Sary said...

wow, thanks stephanie! i'm always surprised when people i don't know visit my blog and i'm so happy you like it! its been keeping me busy and so fun to do!!