July 15, 2010

food challenge

Philadelphia Magazine put out a list last year of the best 239 dishes to eat in Philly(http://www.phillymag.com/restaurants/articles/239_best_dishes_to_eat_in_philly/). Since eating might possibly be my most favorite thing to do, I was really excited when my friend Colleen suggested we tackle the list over the next 6 months. Yes, that's right, 239 dishes in 6 months. Doesn't seem feasible? Well...you're right. Eating out 10x/week just isn't a good idea for my budget OR my figure. But since Coll will only be in Philly until January (so really only 5 1/2 months!), we have a deadline and we're prepared to make a good dent. The other night we got together to discuss and formulate a strategy. We decided our first dish to try would be...short rib and cheddar french fries at Village Whiskey. If you know me at all, you probably also know that I LOVE short ribs. And who doesn't love cheese fries? Sounds like a winning combination to me! My plan over the course of this food challenge, is to do a little review of the dish itself as well as the restaurant decor. I'm super excited about the food, but I'm just as excited about seeing new restaurants and being in parts of the city I'm not as familiar with.

**If anyone has tried and loved any of the dishes mentioned in the list, I would love to hear your recommendations!**

Happy eating!!

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