August 6, 2010

modern baby shower

I still can't believe that I'm at the age where you should be having babies (or at least starting to think about it). Ah! How did I get here?! Babies may not be in my near future, but they are popping up all around me! My cousin just had her second girl the other week and one of my best friends already has two little boys. One fun thing (among others!) about friends having babies is throwing the shower. I've helped with a couple:

This shower had a "pig" theme because the baby was born during the year of the golden pig (it was a big deal for the mom). I found a gold piggy bank that we used as a cake topper and the invitations had gold pigs on them. The rest of the decor was just clean and modern.

This shower was for a second baby (boy). Since it was for her second baby, we wanted it to feel less like a baby shower and more like a celebatory brunch.


Another friend of mine is pregnant and I'm helping out with her shower so I've been scouring the internet for inspiration. There are some pretty bad ideas out there (think balloon arches and baby storks). However, I was able to find some really great ideas. Here are my favorites:

I found this baby shower on Project Nursery . I love the color scheme - very soothing. And how cute are those yarn nests with the chocolate eggs?!


This party is from Martha Stewart - I knew she would have some great ideas! The colors are pastel, but they're not the traditional pastel pink and blue. The mobile above the dining table makes a big impact but seems fairly easy to make.


This baby shower is really making me crave oranges! And chocolate. The color palette is actually very similar to the shower by Martha Stewart - they just used richer tones of blue, orange and brown. My favorite thing is the onesie cookie - so freaking cute! And looks pretty yummy too.


Mr. Rubber Ducky is always a good source of inspiration for a shower! This shower was featured on My Orange Project. I love the invitations - so simple but so nice! And yellow is a great color - so happy and gender neutral.


Have you found any baby shower ideas that you've liked?

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