August 26, 2010

food challenge: 1 of 239

Over a month ago I posted about the "food challenge" my friends and I are taking on over the next few months. We had plans to go to Village Whiskey to try their short rib and chedder french fries but conflicting schedules kept postponing our eating session. We finally made it over the other night and it was worth the wait...but not because of the fries. Don't get me wrong, the fries were definitley REALLY good - the addition of the short ribs was a fantastic idea. But we also ordered the Whiskey King Burger which includes: maple glazed bourbon cipollini, rogue blue cheese, applewood bacon and foie gras - and it might be the best burger I've ever had! It definitely overshadowed the fries. Even Colleen, who is not a big beef eater, loved it.
Here is a photo of the burger...sorry for the grainy photos. I forgot my camera so Coll had to take pictures with her iphone.

Shortrib and chedder fries!

Here is Suzie (my roomie) showing off the salad she ordered. We sat outside (which is why I can't really comment on the interiors) and it was drizzling - hence the napkin around Suzie's hair. Doesn't she kind of look like the flying nun?


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