August 4, 2010

farmer's markets + lunch

This past weekend I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and take a couple of nice long walks through the city. On Saturday we ended up at Fitler Square and checked out the farmer's market there and on Sunday we went to the market at Headhouse Square.

My boyfriend (Eric) and I are part of a CSA this year, so we're already loaded with veggies at home (although those tomatoes looked REALLY tempting!). We didn't get much produce but we did have an awesome lunch at Headhouse Square. Los Taquitos de Puebla is a Mexican restaurant on 9th Street and every Sunday they have a stand at the market selling tacos and quesadillas. I've been to their restaurant quite a few times and always get food at their stand when I'm at the farmer's market - and I get the same thing again and again: tacos al pastor. Its pork (roasted on an open spit), chunks of fresh pineapple, cilantro and fresh salsa. SOOO DELICIOUS.

There's also a lemonade stand called "Twisted Lemonade". No, they're not alcoholic, but they do offer different flavors (berry lemonade, basil lemonade, etc). I stick to the classic because its so tasty. I've also read that there's a new food truck called Renaissance Sausage that serves locally made sausages from 9:30am-2pm every Sunday, but we couldn't find them:( I guess I'll just have to make another trip back soon!

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