August 2, 2010

window boxes

I was at my friend Robin's house the other day (whose house has been beautifully renovated and will be featured in a post soon) and noticed how nice her window boxes were. I've been wanting to add some window boxes to my house since I moved in, but haven't gotten around to doing much to the exterior besides have it painted. Plus, I'm not really known to have a green thumb (I received about half a dozen or so plants when I first moved into my home and have sadly killed them all). However, seeing how pretty her window box makes her house really made me want my own! I decided to walk around the city and get some inspiration for my future window box.

This is a photo of Robin's- I really like how she lined her box with the burlap.
I did see a lot of fake flowers planted in window boxes, but I've never seen anything like this before:

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