August 16, 2010

philly outdoor living

If you live in the city, any amount of outdoor space you have is a luxury. Most houses do have yards, but they definitely aren't created equal. My friends Deepti and Scott live in Fishtown and have a pretty large yard (by city standards). They have a beautiful old Japenese maple tree in the back corner that offers great shade in the summertime. I love the lanterns they have hanging around the tree and the chandelier - which usually has a dining table below it. The hammock is also great - perfect for naps on a warm summer day!

My friend Robin lives in Pennsport and has created a really lovely space in her yard! It used to have a storage shed that took up a lot of space, but she tore it down, added areas for plants, great modern furniture and voila - the perfect little area to relax with a book or to entertain a few friends.




This is Eric's yard - he lives in the East Passyunk area of South Philly. He painted his block wall (I think the color looks really good with the greenery against it) and bought a table from Ikea (they have awesome patio furniture) and chairs from Fosters (sadly they are out of business). He also has a great little garden with tomatoes, strawberries and lots of different herbs. I love being able to just go outside and pick fresh herbs whenever we need to.

This is my yard - probably the smallest yard in the city! It's only about 3' deep, so it can fit 2 or 3 regular sized people or 4 really skinny people:) I still have a lot more to do (add more plants, make some seat cushions, etc.) but it's a big improvement from what it looked like before!



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Sammy Skye said...

i love your little outdoor nook!! it looks so cozy. and practically begs for a large glass of wine and some michael buble. i live in nyc and can see a tree outside my window and consider myself lucky.