August 31, 2010

bleed radio bleed

Besides being an awesome photographer AND architect, my boyfriend Eric is also a guitarist for a band called Bleed Radio Bleed. They describe their music as "post-punk rock with elements of psychedelia and Latin American music". They've gone through alot of changes over the years - bandmates leaving, new bandmates joining, old bandmates coming back - but I think they've really got an awesome group of guys together and they sound better than ever. They have been recording their album for what seems like forever and its now all done! You can catch them this Thursday at The Savage Rock School in Blackwood NJ - more info on their MySpace page. If you'll be busy eating Korean fried chicken (like I will be) and can't make it, mark your calenders for October 8th. You can see them playing at the North Star in Fairmount and can purchase tickets here. In the meantime, check out their MySpace page to listen to some of their music.

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