August 12, 2010

apartment therapy in philly!

There have been Apartment Therapy meetup groups in a number of cities across the country, but none in Philadelphia...until now! They held their first meeting last night at a great little home store called Hello Home on 10th and Pine. I had a few drinks, met a few interesting people (Kristen Lubbe - a writer for Apartment Therapy was there!), and did a little shopping. Oh! And I won a raffle and took home the book 'Aparment Therapy's Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces':


It felt more like a little party than a meeting, but they are hoping to bring in designers and people in the industry to speak in the future. I got an email this morning about the next meetup (they're hoping to have one every month) - it's set for September 15th but the location is still to be determined. See you at the next meeting!

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Karen said...

Congrats on the raffle prize! You've been winning alot of these sorts of things lately.

I want to go to the next meet-up! Hopefully our Lady Gaga hangovers won't be too bad...