November 30, 2010

shopping in lewisburg

I don't usually go shopping on Black Friday because although I love a good bargain, I don't love being shoved and pushed around while I'm shopping (unless of course its for Lanvin...). I don't know how the stores were on the Saturday after Black Friday near you, but the shops in Lewisburg, PA were very calm! I drove to Lewisburg on Friday to spend the rest of the weekend with Eric and his family and there are two shops that I visit everytime I'm there - and after this weekend, I've added a third shop to the list! If you've never heard of Lewisburg...I'm not surprised. It's a small town an hour or so north of Harrisburg and most people have heard of because it's home to Bucknell University. There's an adorable downtown area that has cute little shops, restaurants, and bars and beautiful historical rowhomes. The first time I visited I found a home store that I fell in love with called Dwellings. It reminded me of Foster's but a bit more girly. I can't really talk about what I bought there since it was a gift for a friend - and she might be reading this. But I'll be happy to talk about my purchases from the second store (which is another must visit whenever I'm in Lewisburg) because they were all for me:) The store is called Wilson Ross and it's a consignment/vintage shop that sells a little bit of everything - men's and women's clothing as well as some pieces for the home (furniture, glassware, etc). It is a fantastic store and I have found some great things there - and everything is very reasonably priced. I never leave empty handed and this weekend wasn't any different:


Even though I don't look good in hats, I still have a bit of an obsession with them. At least with vintage ones. But this little camel colored hat (which has little gold-ish studs all over it!) actually looks good on me so I coudn't resist. And although I already own two muffs, I couldn't say no to this one. It's so soft and pretty AND it has a zipper on the inside so you can store your money and cell phone! Genius!


I have a kimono that I can't wear often because the fabric is so delicate and worn that it rips really easily. I've been looking for an affordable one for a while with no luck until I saw this beauty on Saturday! It's gorgeous and is in great condition and was in my price range. I couldn't pass it up. Can't wait to wear it!!!!


Because of Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette, I can't stop myself from buying champagne coupes whenever I find them. I found these at a new shop in Lewisburg that Eric introduced me to this weekend called Roller Mills. It's an antique mall and I could've spent all day there. Can't wait to go back!! I found these champagne coupes there and they were 7 for $10. How could I say no? I think I now have about 13 or 14. All I need are mother of pearl gaming chips...

So, did you guys have luck shopping this weekend? Any good finds?


Karen said...

If only the mother of pearl gaming chips were actually on Ebay/Etsy! Boo.

Sary said...

i did find a set of 12 or 14 chips online for about $250...just slightly out of my price range...