November 22, 2010

lanvin success!


Wow. What a crazy weekend. Karen and I took a little trip to NYC to try to get our hands on some things from the new Lanvin for H&M line that debuted this past Saturday. We knew it was going to be crazy and so did H&M because they were very well organized. From their website, we found out that the first 320 people in line would get to shop the collection privately and then it would be open to everyone else. So the top 320 would be divided into 16 groups of 20 and allowed to shop for 15 minutes (the area with the Lanvin line would be gated off) and only allowed to purchase two of each item. Our goal was to be in that top 320, but when we got to NYC and walked by the store to scope it out - were weren't so sure we could do it:


This photo was taken at around 8PM on Friday night. Granted, there were only about 10-15 people in line but it was only 8PM!! Our plan was to get there at 4AM, but we were starting to think that wasn't early enough! BTW - do you see the inflatable sofa?! Luckily, when we stopped by at 12AM to check on the line, it hadn't grown by much so we decided to stick with our original plan.


We got to H&M around 4 and by that time the line had gotten longer and was now wrapped around the corner of the building - but we were in the top 60!! Yay! We spent the next few hours figuring out what we wanted to get from the Lanvin line, looking up places to eat for lunch later that afternoon, playing Scrabble, taking photos of ourselves and at around 6, I ended up going to McDonalds to get some breakfast for us which helped revive me a bit. At that point, there were probably about 100 people behind us in line. At 7, we were given our bracelets (that gives us our shopping time slot - ours was 8:40) and allowed to leave. So, all in all it was about 3 hours of waiting in line outside - not so bad.

When we got back to the store around 8:15, it was CHAOS. SO many people jammed into one little corner of the store! But guess what...


...we each got exactly what we wanted! Karen got an awesome faux fur jacket and I got the dress I've been talking about!! There were so many other things that I wanted to get, but I can barely afford the one dress that I bought...


But there were people that bought bags and bags of stuff. Yes, this line is cheap compared to real Lanvin prices, but not cheap in general. We have a feeling a lot of people bought stuff to sell on Ebay.

Sitting in the cold for 3 hours with just a couple hours of sleep isn't what I would typically call fun, but it was an experience that I'm glad I had! And look what I ended up with:


I already found an opportunity to wear it:)


Stephanie said...

Glad it wasn't all for nothing. That dress is pretty fantastic. BUT I must say I was shocked when I saw the commercial on TV advertising $200 like it was a steal. haha that just seems crazy to me.

Karen said...

Oh boy, the undereye circles in these photos are out of hand. But totally worth it for getting our first choices!

You Are My Fave said...

You guys are so crazy. The dress is fab though.