November 23, 2010

EAT. napkins

I was at a store in Northern Liberties this past summer and saw these napkins that I loved that had the word EAT stamped on them. I think they were more than $20 for two napkins (!!!), so I didn't buy them...I decided to make them instead! Not only that, but I decided to make 14 of them so I could use them for Friendsgiving. It's just sewing a square - how hard could it be, right? Well, let me tell ya, I won't be trying out for Project Runway anytime soon. It took me FOREVER to cut them out and then I spent about an hour trying to figure out how to use the sewing machine (I know how to sew, but since I don't do it often, I always forget how to use the machine...) The sewing itself was pretty straightforward, but it still took me a loooooooong time. So much for a quick little project!


I thought the stamping portion of the project would be the difficult part - but it was actually really easy. And, fortunately, fast! I bought these stamps at AC Moore along with a black ink pad. I've never used stamps like these before - each letter is separate and you're supposed to buy a stamping block that the letters stick to and you hold onto while stamping. I was being cheap so I decided to see if the cover of the ink pad could work as the stamping block - and it did! I first tested the stamping on a scrap piece of linen...


...then moved onto the real thing.



I'm really happy with how they turned out. And everyone at Friendsgiving loved them too - yep, Friendsgiving was this past Sunday and it was the best one yet! I will post photos soon...


Stephanie said...

Great gift! Very similar to the Emerson Made ones. I do the same thing with my stamps, I've also used glass from picture frames. Works like a charm.

Question for you - is the ink wash proof?

Sary said...

Yea, the Emerson Made ones are the ones I saw at the store in NoLibs. Just found them online for $48 for just seems crazy to spend that much on napkins! The ink did say it was permanent and wash proof, so we'll see how it holds up!

Karena said...
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