November 12, 2010

korean tacos

Korean tacos have been all the craze lately - I love Mexican food and I love Korean food, so I knew I would love them. They have been really popular on the West Coast for a while now, but have recently made their way eastward and you can now find them in three restaurants in the city. And what better way to give them a try than to do a little taste test of all three places!

The first place I tried was Ladder 15. Unfortunately, I didn't take photos of the tacos, but for $11, I got one braised short rib taco and one pork belly taco. Pretty good deal considering they were pretty filling. However, they were only good - not great. I'm not sure if I would order them again.

Then there was Meritage - home of the Korean fried chicken...MMMMMM. I expected a lot from them considering how much I love their chicken - which by the way is still available though at least the end of the year! Yippee!! Well, let me tell you, I was definitley not disappointed by their version of the Korean taco. You get one taco for $5 and it's pork belly, special Korean bbq sauce, kimchi and other yummy ingredients that I can't remember. I orderded one, and it was so good that I had to order another. BIG thumbs up.


The third place I tried was Giwa. Giwa is almost like a Korean fast food place - but WAY better than any American fast food restaurant you've ever been to. Their kalbi is really good and so is their soon du bu. Their tacos, however, not so good. I knew I was in trouble when I saw that they were topped with cheese. I was tempted to ask for them without the cheese, but I thought, hey - maybe they know something I don't. But I was right:( Most times I love being right, but I was really hoping that these would be good! For $5, I got a chicken taco and a pork taco. So cheap! But I won't be getting these again...I don't think they would be that much better without the cheese...


Do you guys know of any other places with Korean tacos? Have you tried making them at home?

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