November 18, 2010

vic's sushi


I feel like Vic's is Philly's best kept secret (for sushi that is) - although I'm not sure if it's really a secret anymore. It's a tiny sushi restaurant on Sansom Street between 20th and 21st that usually does more takeout business than eat-in...and I think that's mostly because it can only fit about 8 diners at one time (maybe). I love it because its casual, its really affordable and its really really good. They have a ton of specialty rolls that I need to try - but I tend to be boring and get the typical spicy tuna, salmon, eel, etc. I went yesterday and I got their "3 roll special" - choose three different rolls (specialty rolls excluded) for $10.95. That's 24 pieces of sushi for less than $11! I was STUFFED but very happy. And if you dine in, you can have complimentary green tea or byob if you want.

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Michelle said...

I LOVE Vic! We were there last night for dinner. You need to try the iRoll...or the Holiday...or the Protein...I'm getting hungry again!!!