December 1, 2010

who's groovy, happy, chic and coming to philly?


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JONATHAN ADLER!! Well, maybe not the real Jonathan Adler...although I do hope he'll stop by at least once...a Jonathan Adler store will be opening soon and according to Brownstoner, it's taking over Foster's old space in Old City. Philly is seriously lacking in the GOOD contemporary furniture store department (notice emphasis on good). I'm not saying we don't have any, but we definitely don't have many. And it really hurt to see DWR go:( That was a sad day for me.

It's hard not to like Jonathan Adler - his pieces are so fun and funky but they also have really great lines. I've completely fallen for this sofa:


It's very simple and almost minimalist until you get to the tufting. The tufting gives it a more classic look and makes it feel grown up.

Jonathan Adler started out as a potter and his pottery pieces are pretty fantastic. This horse head is probably my favorite:


It would fit in well with my horse collection...especially since I already own one of his other horse pieces:


It's so adorable - actually pretty smalI at about 4" tall. I got it at his store in Miami - it was the first Jonathan Adler store I had ever visited and I loved it so much that I needed to buy something! Does that ever happen to you? I find that it happens to me a fair amount... And I also purchased this cute little tray.


I love the color and it's a handy little holder for my mail and keys.

I'm not sure when the it's set to open, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a grand opening party with a meet and greet with Jonathan Adler himself!

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Karen said...

By the way, that is 100% my dream sofa. Especially in velvet / mohair like the example!