November 16, 2010

holiday dresses

Christmas is my favorite holiday for many reasons: how beautiful the city is during this time of year, baking Christmas cookies, shopping for gifts, wrapping presents, Christmas movies (Love Actually, Bridget Jones, White Christmas and It's a Wonderful Life are my faves) and of course the parties! And what do parties equal? A chance to dress up - and I will jump on any chance to dress up. Unfortuanately, not many of the Christmas parties I get invited to require a fancy party dress, but if they did, these would be my top picks:

via Nordstrom (and it's a bargain - only $46! I think it would look great with a gold belt and some fancy heels...)

via Nordstrom

But the dress I'm really hoping to score this year is this Lanvin for H&M one...


It comes in black and in red - and I will go for either. My friend Karen (of I Don't Think Prada is the Answer They're Looking For) and I are headed to NYC this weekend to try to get our hands on some Lanvin goodies...wish us luck...and good weather - we will be waiting outdoors in a very long line I'm sure...

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