October 19, 2010

top winter coat picks...

I still can't believe it's almost Halloween. Soon Thanksgiving will have come and gone and we'll be buying Christmas decorations (which, by the way, are already available at some stores!). So you know what this means...it's time for coats! Since I have about a hundred coats in my closet, I don't really need anymore. But if I did, these would be my top 5 picks:

1. J. Crew makes beautiful clothes and their coats are no exception. I love their Trudie herringbone coat. It has a wonderful vintage feel with its funnelneck and relaxed shape. And you can wear this coat with everything - can be worn casually over jeans but is nice enough to wear over a fancy dress:


2. This Helmut Lang coat is a bit on the expensive side (its $795), but it's like two coats in one. The inner layer can be removed so that it can worn on days that are less chilly. And there's just something about the shape that I love:


3. This Burberry jacket is a classic that you can pass on to your daughter (at least that's how I like to justify my more expensive purchases...). But isn't this adorable? I love the standup collar, the quilting, the fitted shape. And it is pricey ($495), but not ridiculous, right?


4. This coat from Calvin Klein is so affordable, I am really really tempted to buy it. It's on sale for $165.99! Sigh. Isn't it gorgeous? I'm not sure how warm it would actually be since it's so open, but it's a great layering piece:


5. I love this DKNY coat mostly because of the fabric - houndstooth is my favorite pattern! Besides that though, the boxy shape is great and allows for you to wear it over thick winter sweaters if need be:



Karen said...

Love the J Crew coat - of course! I'm kind of surprised none of these featured faux fur...

Sary said...

i know, i do love me some fur...

Kokobee Faulkner said...

Awesome design I really love it! I wanna have this kind of coat coz it look so elegant and it warm the body in times of coldness.