October 8, 2010

night market - east passyunk version


I was really excited for last night's "Night Market" - what's better than eating and drinking outside in your neighborhood on a perfect fall night? Reminds me how much I love living in the city!

Good thing I got there early because it got crowded fast and the food lines were ridiculous. By 8, vendors started running out of food! The market wrapped around the "singing fountain" on Passyunk and extended to Passyunk and Dickinson. Here's a photo of the market before it got too packed:


I didn't eat much for lunch in preparation for the market! I tried a bunch of things including shrimp ceviche from the Cantina...


sweet potato tacos from Honest Tom's (I think my favorite of the night!)...


arancini (super cheesey Italian rice balls) from Paradiso and pork gyoza from Izumi. And of course a little red wine...



And of course a meal isn't complete without something sweet at the end! I had a delicious sugar cookie ice cream sandwich thanks to the Jimmies Cupcake truck!


I really wish this event was a weekly thing! We'll have to wait until spring of 2011 for the next one:(

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