October 21, 2010

some style from fashion week

I finally downloaded the pictures I took during the last couple of days of fashion week here in Philly. There were some interesting shows, but what I loved most was the people watching!

I love this guy. He looks very New England beachy preppy....with a twist. I want his sunglasses.


I love this girl's dress! What I remember: she's an actress, her brother was a model in one of the shows, and she found her dress in a dumpster! All she had to do was cut off the sleeves, shorten it and of course get it cleaned and voila...an adorable lace dress that can be dressed up or down, worn in the summer or with layers and stockings in the winter. Great find.


The skirt is what drew me to this girl and after talking to her, I found out that she had a show earlier in the night (that I missed) and her outift is from her collection! Her name is Alecia Zameska and she is originally from Philadelphia. The print and the colors in her skirt are beautiful and I love the fullness and the length. If you're interested in seeing her other pieces, you can check them out here.


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that is so cool you wrote about Alecia!! she's a dear friend of mine - i just posted illustrations i did of her latest collection inspired by Daphne Guinness! And i fully illustrated her "Fallen Angels" one before that.

What a small world! Did you take a picture of her?