October 27, 2010

pretty plates please!

Our friendsgiving dinner party is coming up soon and I've been trying to think of ideas for how I want to set the table this year. One thing I know for sure is that I want to do something different with the plates - I use the same ones year after year and although I absolutely them, I think I need to switch it up a bit. I found some good options:

These mushroom plates from West Elm are adorable!


These plates are also from West Elm - I love the woodgrain pattern combined with the gold finish...very rustic glam:)


Black and white is probably my favorite color combination. So classic and graphic...and how cute are these Rosanna cameo plates?


But who am I kidding? I can't afford to buy fifiteen new plates! Plus I have nowhere to store them...have you seen my kitchen? I think my best bet are disposable plates. Fortunately, there are disposable, sustainable AND good looking options out there. These are my favorites:

My friend Michelle used bamboo plates for her wedding and they were really nice. They're rustic yet elegant...


I think these plates from Wasara are the front runner though. Aren't they gorgeous? I sort of wish they weren't disposable!



Lisa Q. said...

Friendsgiving- what a cool idea! That last set reminds me of a Villeroy and Boch set I've seen. I have mis-matched old china dessert plates that were my grandmothers. If you aren't skeeved eating off used plates- I am sure you could put together an amazing mis-matched set from thrift store finds.

Sary said...

lisa, thats a fantastic idea! i don't know why i didn't think of that myself! used dishes wouldn't skeeve me out - i have a dishwasher!

Karen said...

Love all these options! Especially the gold ones from West Elm. Shocker.

Those last ones are so cute for disposable plates.