October 4, 2010

fall festival


Before Midtown Village became "Midtown Village", the area hosted an Oktoberfest every year along Sansom Street between Broad and 11th. A few years ago, the festival's name changed and it became less of an Oktoberfest and more of just a fall festival. I LOVE sauerkraut and bratwurst so I do miss that aspect, but I really like how it has grown. It has taken over more than just that stretch of Sansom, it now extends along 13th between Market and Locust and is more than just German food and beer. There's something for everyone - if you just want to eat food and drink outside all day, you still can - but now you can also do a little bit of shopping and even take the kiddies out for a day of fun. It was held this past Saturday and you couldn't have asked for a more perfect day for a fall festival.


One of my favorite things to do is people watch and there was plenty of good people watching! Here is my friend Colleen looking cute in her "fall outfit".


We listened to some live Irish music...


...and did some eating and drinking. Here I am with some chicken tacos from El Vez and a blood orange margarita from Lolita. Both were good, but not great...


...but the pork banh mi from Sampan was delicious!!


And so was the chicken tikka from Bindhi. YUMM.


And the margarita from El Vez totally did me in. I do like my tequila. (BTW, that is NOT my hand. I don't have man hands. Eric is holding my margarita for me so I could photograph)


Oh, and did I mention that I also sumo wrestled? The sushi restaurant on Sansom hosts a sumo wrestling tournament during the festival every year and my friend Jen and I decided sign up for it this year! Yep, thats me getting into a suit and my opponent is the girl on the right in the gray and white striped shirt.


I gave it a good effort, but Jen definitley beat me. See, I'm trying really hard to knock her over but she just wouldn't budge!


Here I am on the ground waiting to be flipped onto my back and helped back up since I couldn't do that on my own:


Jen decided to jump on top of me while I was down:


What do you think? Like my new look?


Go here to watch a clip of the match...enjoy!
PS That guy totally pushed me right?!


Karen said...

He totally pushed you! Maybe you guys were taking too long?!!

Sad that you didn't like the Lolita margarita! Normally they're so good.

Sary said...

yea, you get 3 "matches" and this was the 3rd one, so he probably just wanted it to be done with.

the margarita wasnt bad, i just think i have high expectations when it comes to margaritas!