October 25, 2010

his and hers sofas...

I was at West Elm this weekend and saw a display that made me want to redo my living room! Don't get me wrong, I love my living room, but it really only allows one person - maybe two - to be super comfortable. When I'm watching movies at home, I like to lounge with my feet up. Unfortunately, if I lay on my sofa with my feet up it practically takes up the entire sofa. And two people laying side by side is not the most comfortable (my sofa isn't that deep).I do have ottomans that I can move over to the sofa to prop my feet on, but ideally I'd like a sectional...or two sofas! I'm not sure a sectional would work well with the way my living rom is laid out, but two sofas could definitley work. I wish I had taken a picture of the West Elm display. It was beautiful and looked so cozy! The display had two of their daybeds facing each other and they were piled with a million pillows and blankets. It was similar to the image below but even more plush and luxurious:


Here are a few living rooms with two sofas:

This room is nice, but maybe a little too symmetrical for my taste...

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I pretty much love everything about this room, from the wallpaper to the fireplace to the ottoman/coffee table. And I also like how the sofas aren't the same.

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I really like this room - especially the pops of fuschia. I like the lines of the sofas, but I'd want mine to have higher arms...

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What do you think? How do you guys feel about living rooms with two sofas?

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