October 28, 2010

ombre love...

No, this post is not about men or a popular 17th century cardgame...instead I'm talking about a technique most often given to fabric where a color is graduated from light to dark. Ombre has been popular the past few years in fashion, but I've never seen it interpreted this way:


So pretty right? Makes me want ombre center pieces for my future wedding (when/if that ever happens!). (I'm not sure where this image originated...if anyone knows, please let me know and I will be happy to give credit)

The idea of doing an ombre wall with paint sounds like a good one, but I think it would be pretty difficult to pull off well. I found some some nice examples - each a little different in their technique:

pink wall
image via

image via

image via

I think I like the bottom two photos the most. I wish the middle photo was not so subtle, but I like that it's a more seamless gradient. This would definitley be hard to do, which is why if I were ever to try this, I'd probably do something similar to the third photo. Or do it in tile:

image via

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