October 5, 2010

a fall wedding

Saturday was a busy day for me. There was the fall festival, the sumo wrestling, then later on in the day Eric and I drove to Maryland for my friend Michelle's wedding. I wasn't really sure what to expect (decor-wise) - all I really knew was that it was going to be held in a state park in Maryland and the ceremony would be outdoors with the reception in a barn. Oh and that they were going for "eco chic". I should've known it was going to be beautiful (I mean this is Michelle we're talking about - she has fabulous taste!). It was one of the prettiest weddings I've ever been to. And one of the funnest. (Is that a real word?)

Isn't this photo stunning? Michelle and her mom both look gorgeous and so do the surroundings. Everything is just perfect - the trees, the stables, the grass, the light! I love this photo.

The reception wasn't your typical reception. There wasn't a sit down meal - it felt more like a cocktail party (with h'ordeouves and their favorite foods - pizza and sushi). For those who wanted to sit down, they set up long tables downstairs:


Aren't the table centerpieces so pretty? They're actually vintage bottles, vases, candleholders that they collected over the past year. They didn't use any fresh flowers - instead they used wheat grass, dried flowers, branches and made some paper flowers. Not only did it work well with their theme of eco chic, but it looked absolutely beautiful.



Upstairs was the dance floor as well as lounge areas with benches and ottomans - which they made from scrap wood that was leftover from the demo of their house! I wish I had a photo of them because they looked awesome. Here is a photo of the second floor of the barn - beautiful right? Love the ceiling.



The dessert buffet was beautifully arranged:


I'm so blown away with how it all turned out - especially since they did everything themselves. So many weddings look the same but this one was definitely different and had personality. Amazing job Michelle and Ryan! And congratulations!!


Stephanie said...

What a beautiful wedding! The rustic feel reminds me of my own. Very creative idea of putting the cupcakes on little shelves!

Karen said...

You guys did a great job of capturing the details! These photos look great. And it was the funnest :)