July 27, 2010

waiting for fall...

Fall is my favorite season for many reasons and fall fashion is definitely near the top of the list. I know its not even August yet, but seeing whats to come is making me wish it was September already!

H&M Fall 2010 I love this big comfy coat. I have a slight obsession with coats/jackets...I own at least 20 and I'm always wanting more!
Very menswear inspired - think Diane Keaton in Annie Hall. And that purse is gorgeous.

This look was definitely inspired by Chloe's Autumn/Winter 2009 collection. Wearing shorts in cold weather may seem silly but looks so cute when paired with tights and is extremely comfortable. But the coat is the best part - love the color, love how it lays, love the piping along the edge - love everything about it.

This is my favorite look out of the four - looks so easy and comfortable, yet so stylish. It would also look great with a fur vest thrown over top.

Gap Fall 2010

Pierre Hardy has done a number of shoes for Gap and somehow I'm always too late in trying to buy a pair and my size is always sold out. This is NOT happening again. I will be stalking the Gap website from now on because I need to have these. The heel, the fleece lining, the height is perfect...the only thing wrong is the suede. Probably not the most practical material for a winter boot, but then again I'm not always the most practical dresser.

JCrew Fall 2010
What can I say? Jenna Lyons is a genius. The clothes are beautiful and I absolutely love the way the models are styled. Lyons says that the inspiration behind this collection was "Edie (Beale) goes to summer camp". A little kooky, a little crazy but classy. I want everything. I better start saving!!

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