July 25, 2010


Above are photos of a friend's apartment that I helped furnish/decorate. The living room was the most important room for her. She wanted a space that she could entertain in and that felt comfortable, but also something that was modern and feminine to reflect her personality. The room is almost done, it just needs a few more accessories to add some color and character.

I love these oversized acrylic vases by Kartell. At 13" in diameter and 16.5" tall, they definitely make a statement. They would make excellent umbrella holders and the clear one would look great next to the console in this living room.

These coat hooks would also look great next to the console. The silver finish fits in well with the decor and the antlers add a touch of humor.

I love this color green - it compliments to the blues and the fuscia/reds in this space. The magazine holder would look nice under the console or even the acrylic coffee table.

These hourglasses may not be as useful as the rest of the accessories but they're cool! I love their shape and simplicity. And the green sand would add a touch of much needed color.

Smaller pillows in a rich fuscia hue on the sofa would also really bring some life into the room. These fabrics from Designers Guild are beatiful and look so luxurious!

Plants are also great accessories. A potted orchid would be perfect on the console - very girly, very pretty but very modern at the same time.

apt images: eric heidel


Karen said...

I love the curtains! Great with the wall color.

I've used that hourglass in one of my projects, everybody thought it was a cool accessory. Even if it's not the most common way to keep time these days...

Sary said...

thanks! i made the curtains (with kari's help of course). she got the fabric online for a really good deal and we sewed them up really quickly.