July 14, 2010

house love pt.1

My friends Tina and Michael moved into their South Philly rowhome 3 years ago and have since done a number of renovations. Built in the 1890's, the house is 3 stories, 2300 sq ft and full of original details including not one but TWO marble fireplaces (sometimes it's just not fair!). Although they kept a lot of the original details, they also injected their own personal style throughout, which they describe as "retro Danish liveable modern". They have incredible taste (and it doesn't hurt that Tina is an architect) and have created such a wonderful home, I just had to share. Enjoy!

One of my favorite pieces in their home, the Eames lounger. And did you notice marble fireplace #1...

...and marble fireplace #2!

When asked what their favorite element of their home was, this was their response:

Not sure about a favorite ‘piece’ of the house but my favorite space is definitely the kitchen. I love the quality of light in the late afternoon. It’s certainly a luxury in a Philadelphia rowhouse. I labored over the space design because Michael and I both enjoy cooking; and despite its modest size, I wanted to make sure we could both function in the kitchen without being on top of each other. The house is full of original detail and I felt that we should respect what was left of the 1920s kitchen. So we retained what I considered to be the most important original element- the crackled subway tile with turquoise diamonds and black accent stripe (I loved it from the moment I stepped into the kitchen). And although the previous owners chose to ignore the tile, I decided to make it the focal point and run with it. I feel like we took some risks (like the super dark purple walls) but I don’t regret a single decision. It’s an energetic space that works as well for cooks as it does for family and friends. The kitchen reflects our personalities and interests yet still manages to respect the history of the house.

Not only do they live in a beautiful home, but they live in a great area of Philly - Passyunk Square (although I might be a bit biased since I live right around the corner...literally). This is what they had to say about their favorite local spot:

We love going to August. When I first moved to Passysunk Square in 2003, it was in a world of its own. We pointed to it as a beacon of what was to come. And although August has witnessed much change and a barrage of competition in the last few years, they’ve held their own. The food and atmosphere are simple and delicious. They recognize us when we call, always make room for us no matter how busy, and we can stumble home a few doors down after a bottle of wine and a full belly. What more could you ask for?

Thanks Tina and Michael for allowing me to share your home! And a thank you in advance for letting me in again to take photos of your newly renovated 3rd floor :) (Look out for that post over the next month or so!)

images: eric heidel

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Michael Johnson said...

Thanks for the great article Sary. The photos look amazing, you and Eric did such a great job with them! I can't wait for you to come back and photograph the third floor!