March 22, 2011

daily candy deal


All week this week, Daily Candy is highlighting businesses along Passyunk Ave and up first is 1600 Below Vintage. In case you forgot, it's my favorite vintage store in Philly! And I'm so excited it's getting some recognition. I can't go in without finding something I want, whether its clothing, a purse, jewelry or something for my house. And the deal Daily Candy is running this week is awesome - get $100 worth of merchandise at 1600 Below for $50! Pretty sweet, huh? They're also having a prosecco party on April 9th at 6pm - hope to see you guys there! Check out the Daily Candy deal here.

photo: daily candy


Eva said...

Hi! I am going to Philadelphia for 3 days next week and I am sooo exited about it! Hope to find some time for Passyunk Ave and some of the places mentioned in your blog! Eva

Sary said...

Eva - if you want suggestions for anything, let me know! Philly is a great city! Hope you enjoy your vacation!!

The Tiny Abode said...

Hi Sary,
I just discovered your blog and vintage shops all in the same weekend. Needless to say, it was a good weekend. :) Thanks for sharing this shop on Passyunk. I did most of my vintage exploration around Walnut St., but I am happy to see that there are more places I can indulge!!