March 28, 2011

colorful flatware

There are so many options for beautiful flatware but I think my favorites are the ones with some color. I tend to love plain white plates - they're simple and modern and goes with any sort of table setting - but I love the idea of using bright flatware to add a little fun. Here are three options that I love:

1. Sabre Frosted Acrylic Flatware Untitled-1

Aren't these gorgeous? The colors are so beautiful and I love their shape. The style of them remind me of the ghost chair - a simplified and modern version of something ornate (and you know how much I love ghost chairs!). The only downside is that you can't get a full set of flatware - no knives available :(

2. Pandora Design Deluxe Plastic Flatware


These come with knives, so you can set a full table with them. They come in a variety of translucent colors - I really like the purple but I also love the clear (I know, not a color but aren't they nice?). They would be great for a fancy picnic...but at $120 for a set of four, they definitely are NOT disposable.

3. Ladies and Gentlemen Superior Servers


I love these. I first saw them in either Martha Stewart Living or the Oprah magazine (yes, I read those and am not ashamed) and my first reaction was "I can make these!". And I still think I can, but haven't been able to find the right flatware to paint. I've searched vintage stores, thrift stores and thought I hit the jackpot at Fishs Eddy where they had a whole table of 99 cent spoons, forks and knives. But none were exactly right - what I like about the Ladies and Gentlemen flatware is how thin and flat the handles are and they have just the right amount of frilliness. So my search continues. I was also thinking I could spray paint the handles, but does spray paint come in fun colors like that?

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