March 23, 2011


When I lived in Rittenhouse, I probably ate at Tampopo at least once a week. Man do I miss those days. The food there is SOOO good and really affordable. I know they've raised their prices over the years (I think its been about 8 years since I lived in that area) but you can still get a meal there for less than $10. That's pretty rare these days. The food is a mix of Japanese and Korean and my favorite thing to get is their hot and spicy beef bento box. It comes with either white or brown rice (I love white rice so that's what I always get), edamame, and your choice of either broccoli, gyoza or egg cake. I've gotten the gyoza everytime but I just read a description of the egg cake and it sounds pretty delicious: a layered Japanese omelet seasoned with soy sauce and fish sauce. YUM. I know I've gotten some of their other dishes there - like the fresh tuna bi-bim-bob which is tasty - but almost every single time I've gone I've gotten the hot and spicy beef. When something is that good, it's hard for me to try something new! I do have to say that their steamed dumplings aren't that great (although the deep fried gyoza is very yummy) and I really didn't like their sushi that much - although I don't see the sushi anymore on their menu. But overall, I highly recommend this restaurant. Definitely worth a try!

hot and spicy beef bento box

hot and spicy tofu bento box - this is what Eric always gets since he doesn't eat beef and doesn't like their chicken as much


Prippy Handbook said...

Oh, I totally miss Tampopo! I use to love picking up dinner there on my way home from Boat House Row when I lived in Philly.

Wish we had one here in DC!

Sary said...

I know, its so tasty! I still live in Philly but not close enough to get takeout often and too far away for delivery:(

Michael Johnson said...

I used to go to Tampopo for lunch about twice a week back when I worked at 20th and Market. I don't get there very often now, but it's still a great meal when I do. I usually get the spicy chicken bowl, yum.