December 24, 2010

last minute gift idea...

If anyone out there wants to get me a (really nice) Christmas gift, I have a suggestion for you:


Aren't they gorgeous? I first noticed them on {this is glamorous}. They're from Chloe's 2011 Spring collection. Every year, there is a pair of shoes that I completely obsess over - last year were the cat print Miu Miu maryjanes (which I was able to find knock-offs of), the year before were the YSL cage heels (and I'm still kicking myself for not getting them when they went on sale). I think these Chloe pumps might be my shoe obsession for 2011. When I think of acrylic heels, the first thing that comes to mind are stripper shoes. But there's nothing cheap or stripper-y about these. They're very clean and modern, very Chloe. I love them because they're so versatile - they're funky enough to wear for an evening out and sophisticated enough to wear to work. They're perfect. Has anyone seen these for sale anywhere?

Hope everyone gets everything they wish for tomorrow! Merry Christmas!


Amanda said...

Beautiful blog! I found it because of your post about Sofia Coppola. I think she is so chic.


8Hopefully you got these shoes :).

Sary said...

thanks amanda! i'm still waiting for someone to get me the shoes...any day now;)