November 19, 2012

a name change

Um, hi. It's been about five years since my last blogpost (well, maybe not five years, but prob not too far from that) so I'm thinking about one other person will actually read this. For that person, THANK YOU for being a reader and I hope you join me at my new blog: I'll be talking about the same things (design, food, fashion, Philly) with the addition of my new experiences as a small business owner! Yep, you heard that right! My husband, Eric, and I will be opening a home furnishings store this Saturday! Please visit the new blog for more info or stop on in. We'd love to meet you:)


Debbie said...

I tried looking into your new blog at but it didn't come up. looking forward to hearing about your new store =)

Sary said...

Ha! Thanks for letting me know. I wrote the wrong link in the post! It's:

Debbie said...

Thanks Sary! i will check it out. It's funny, last year Thom had told me about your blog and as soon as I found it you stopped writing. lol We are looking forward to stopping in sometime to check out your store! SOO exciting!!!!! =) =)